Arthea, is a virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) program that allows users to upload their own content through a simple web interface, and then interact with that content in VR/AR on any device.

Sign in—On Arthea, your account will be the place to find your content when you need it. Once created, an account is accessible from any online device with the login info. The web portal allows users to connect, make groups, and share files for VR/AR viewing.


Upload—Arthea accepts almost any 3D file type, even dicom (.dcm). Arthea is built to be intuitive, so that you can access the content you want in VR and AR without any extra hassle. Upload your content and let us worry about converting it into a VR-ready format. (If you have questions about support for a specific file type, please contact us!)

View and Interact—Arthea is not just a viewer. We know you want your content to be real, physical, and responsive. Arthea lets you resize, cut, bend, paint, animate, annotate, rotate, break, and much more. No matter what it is, our interactive tools are built to suit your needs.